Growing Impact on our Lives

Technology is no doubt a blessing, with its growing impact on our lives; one can only safely say that without the existence of technology, much of this world would cease to exist. The developments that we made in our life and the breakthroughs that have taken place globally all rely and heavily depend on the use of technology in its various and best forms. Without which there will not be a single innovation or breakthrough. As a matter of fact, without technology today, many of the world’s population would die. This is the kind of dependency that we live on in the modern day world of technological revolution.

The reliance on technology is only because of the countless benefits it offers when used in different ways. Take an example of computers and how many different ways can we use the computers to help us in different departments of our lives. However, with so much reliance and benefits of technology, there is also the other side of it. That side is the con side. Technology also has its toll and it can bring on some serious disadvantages to its users and to this world. Today’s academic blog will talk about four cons that technology can bring and how you must save yourselves from them.

Dependency and laziness

When everything is automated, you tend to lose your physical activities and this can have a serious impact on your health. Due to automation, people have now started to depend on machines doing most of their work by press of buttons and this has made them lazy. The increase in obesity and illnesses related to that is all because of severe lack of physical effort from individuals. Your body requires a certain amount of physical activity to keep its fuels running and to digest the food you take properly, when you do not do that, you risk yourself to serious health hazards.Always ensure you do enough physical activity and not completely rely on the press of a few buttons.

Environmental hazards

Environmental hazards are some of the serious consequences and instances of our lives today. TechnologyTechnology has played a crucial role in contributing to some serious environmental hazards. All the machine operations, the waste and smoke going into the air have increased air pollution by two folds. Growing use of electricity has also contributed to this cause. All such uses of technology have negatively impacted our environment.

Lack of experience

People now very conveniently learn to operate things with the help and assistance of computers and machines. They do not really focus on learning through experience and actually struggling through something in order to master it. This leaves them with incomplete knowledge of things and when technology is not there, they are seriously exposed to the weaknesses.

Security threats

With the growing connectivity and the use of the internet, we also have some of the serious security threats than ever before. It is a must that you use strict firewall and security tools for all confidential information and your online activities.