Literary essay writing – A few guidelines and tips

Literary essays

Literary analyses are essays with a specific purpose, a specific tone and a specific format. They are intended towards evaluating and critically analyzing a piece of literature. A literary essay may analyze a novel, a short story, or even a newspaper report or an article in a magazine. The critical analysis may be done of a piece of poetry or prose. If it is any kind of literature, it can be critically analyzed and the report of that analysis is what comprises a literary analysis essay.

Some general things that you need to do and remember before you start writing the essay will now be explained. You must know what are the elements that are analyzed and what are the factors based upon which literary works are evaluated. You must formulate your own opinion about the writing and state it in your literary analysis. You may quote other critics and mention the analysis of other people, but do not base your whole essay upon that or even make that a large part of your essay. The literary analysis written by you should convey your own opinion to the reader. Some other points to look out for are that always write in the third person (or at least as much as possible), use the present tense and avoid paraphrasing strictly. The literary analysis is not meant to be a summary. Use literary terminology to explain and analyze. Cite your literary analysis properly. Provide references wherever applicable. Read More