Development in Today’s Modern Age

The social media world has its own essence and reality. It is the kind of development in today’s modern age that one cannot deny or avoid. If you have to be successful in this world in regards to your company or organizations, be an educated individual who is exposed to the world or learn something different, then being a part of the social media world and adapting to its technologies is extremely important. Without accepting this reality of social media, it might be tough for you to progress and compete with others on a similar level.


Brands and people who did not wish to adapt to this change were forced by people using the social media platforms and technologies. The power of recommendation and virality that social media has can make or break a brand in a day or a matter of overnight. Such is the reality of our online world. Now, as we progress through, we find different devices and technologies that integrate social media to its full extent. For example, smart phones having compatibility with all kinds of platforms or smart televisions which come with social media integrated world are the newest additions into the circle. Today’s post will talk about four kinds of technologies that are changing the way we use social media and its dynamics.


4G Internet

With the introduction of super-fast and speedy internet, the use of social media has increased by two folds.People were reluctant to use different social media networks due to poor speed on their mobile phones, but with the introduction of ultra-lightning, quick internet speeds like 4G around the world, the use of social media platforms has become a habit in the eyes of consumers. People use three or four different social media platforms simultaneously through their 4G phones.

 Gaming Consoles

New gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and their applications like the PSN store combined with integrated social media platforms have made it possible for gamers to share their life on the go. As a gamer, you can share different achievements, progress and arrange social media based competitions while sitting at home and connecting with people around the world. This kind of social media use is still very niche, but as the gaming penetration is increasing with newer technology, people are adapting to such innovations in the world of social media as well.

Social Media Messengers

Another technology in the world of internet, is the live video streaming and online conferencing as well as free calls. All these possibilities have made social media messengers even more diverse and functional. It has been noticed that people prefer to use social media messengers to call their folks rather than using the traditional forms of calling and text messaging.

GPS systems

The integrated GPS systems and maps around the world within the social media forums have added to its attraction. Now users use social media through their phones on the go to update their friends and network about the journey and find new things to try at a different place.