We Maintain Your Privacy in Our Privacy Policy

We value the safety of our customers by keeping their personal information from any misuse by creating a privacy policy which may keep all the data safe. At BuyAssignment.net we assure our customers of a safe transaction of money and information so there is no doubt about our trustworthy service. The salient features of our policy are:

Money Exchange Information:
The payment system hired by our organization is trustworthy. It has been hired after a complete background check to ensure that the customers are not exposed to villainous organizations. So you can feel safe in using your credit cards with us.

User Tracker Software:
The cookies and caches are solely for the purpose of collecting the IP addresses and domain names of the users and not for the tracking of individual users. These only record the popularity of our different pages and this system is solely used to improve the performance of our website.

Personal Information:
The personal information collected is never acquired for the purpose of harming the customer. It is only to fulfill some of the requirements of our facility and is only used to improve the efficiency of our services. Our organization has no association with any third party that may misuse the information of our clients.

Recommended Links:
Our website has no association with any other web link that may be mentioned on the website. We are not responsible for any exchange that may happen between you and those links. We are only responsible for the information given directly to us and nothing else. These websites are introduced only as recommendations for the sake of convenience of the customer.

Review of Confidentiality Policy:
We reserve the right to make amendments in our policies whenever it may suit our purpose. It is recommended that the customers may check it in timely intervals to avoid misunderstandings.

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