Analyzing the Trend of Buying Assignment and Custom Essay

Looking through the trend analysis of the academic writing industries will help understand the strengths of the industry, the weaknesses where it lacks and has scope for improvement, opportunities that can be availed and threats such as competitors etc. The analysis will also help understand the trend of buy custom essay assignment online among thousands of students worldwide.

Previously, there was no such industry as ‘Academic writing services’ but now every other student has this name as the solution of all his academic problems. How this happened in a couple of years is an easy puzzle.

Many students face serious problems when given essays and assignments during college and university life. They are sometimes trapped with their part time employment and at other times indulged in social activities. Some students despite trying their best are not able to submit assignments on time while others do not seem to have the ability to write lengthy essays in good quality. All such circumstances were tapped by serious businessmen and they developed the infamous academic writing industry sector. The idea was fueled by the availability of online transactions and ease due to advancements in technology.

Today, students all over the world order essays online and get their work within the deadline. This improves their grades and they are able to invest the time saved somewhere else. Marketers know students are the best target market and they want to make their businesses profitable so new offerings are placed in the market. Now students can order anything that they want from simple assignments to the most complex dissertations. Even the online courses can be taken on behalf of the student to gain the better result.

The academic writing services industry’s strength is the growing needs of students. They provide employment to writers who serve them well. There is more to discover yet as the colleges and universities are also growing in number. New educational institutions should be considered for business growth. Also, to make things more legal and ethical, the academic writing companies can give guidelines on how to improve writing skills. They can also make software and applications that can help students improve their writing so that they can do their work by themselves in a short period of time. Moreover, the businesses can provide only editing and proofreading services for students, which can save them time and they will be able to submit a flawless paper written on their own.